Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blurs of Sequins

Okay, my past two weeks of returning to uni have all (in theroy) been about getting back into the swing of things. New project, getting up early, commitments to work etc. And yet i have again found myself more out than in. A good thing i feel in terms of research a bad thing in terms of attendance! I MUST BUCK UP MY IDEAS PEOPLE!! anyway instead of boring you with the details of every evening i will simply sum up the highlights, As Lally has already blogged love to love was indeed amaze! However this week i have also had the delights of Momo's seesha bar with raspberry mojitos. Gorgeous interior of Moroccan inspired design. Also this week i have been to madame JOJO's, there is a spelling theme here. Where avant garde drag took place, i myself sported the new age geisha look! a risk taken when walking through china town! And then today non the less a camden shopping experience which left me with a one of a kind 1960's jean paul gaultier glitter jacket!!! oh the joy i cry!!! i can barley remember anything more, my weeks are blurs of panic and sequins!

also whilst in camden i could not help but stop of at the pet boutique for some tea with Libby! 

Sorry for being brief! but yeah as i say panic and sequins!

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