Monday, 28 March 2011

Im a Club Kid non-conformist as can be!

Pam Hogg transcends the essence of being a club kid. Emerging onto the fashion scene as the club kids did in the 80's out of the death of Andy Warhol stirred up a collection of individuals who pushed boundaries even further and reinvented down town new york. Pam Hogg not only pushed grounds in fashion but music, direction and values. As often with club kids it is there general (the word general seems rather inappropriate in this context) creativity that is apparent rather than one particular talent. Pam hoggs designers are for the fearless and exhibitionists. Thus it is understandable why alot of performing artists choose her for their stage outfits. Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga are to name a few, whereby Hogg's outlandish creations is often what gets these stars the most publicity as with the club kids. 
With collections entitled 'Psychedelic Jungle' and 'Best dressed chicken in town' there really are limits to her creativity. Often however following the guide lines of fetish fabrics with latex and rubber often making appearances within her collections she still manages to create elegant distinctive garments that one could stumble out of the club into the pent house suite with no drama. However the edgy kinky punk still screams through! How!? her studies at glasgow school of art and training in textile design as well as collaborations with the music industry have given her strong focus and direction in order to continue producing contemporary collections with edge. 


Jeremy Scott
Scott is known for his high octane and outrageous designs favoured by pop stars and celebrities. His designs have been worn by celebrities the world over including MadonnaRihanna,Kanye WestBjörkBeyoncéUffieM.I.A.SantogoldRobynKaty PerryTori AmosBeth DittoFergiePerez HiltonJustin TimberlakeParis HiltonChristina AguileraKylie MinogueVictoria BeckhamSir Jason TwistLil WayneLil'KimKelisCiaraLindsay LohanCory KennedyBoALee HyoriSHINeeBig Bang2NE1Matsushita YuyaGwen StefaniAgyness DeynLady Gagayelle and Hayley Williams. To name a Few.
My ultimate Jeremy Scott moment was when he dressed Britney Spears for the Toxic video. 

Empowering her creating superhero characters is what Scott does best. He takes classic features and influences and pushes them beyond the realms of reality into a new world where the fun never ends. Like club kids the concepts of his collections are all about taking on a role, characters and themes. 
His New rave inspired prints and sense of humor with the incorporation of disney fuels the links to with club kid values of not taking life to seriously and living for the moment. There is no shame in Scott's work and to imply he pushes boundaries i feel would not justify his vision as i do not believe he has the concept of boundaries his work is so free and alive it naturally becomes refined and wearable. Training in Brooklyn, New York one can see the clear influence of sports wear in his collections. From his collaborations with Adidas and his own collections the pieces promote the sense of activity and movement. 

The latest collection plays on classic logos and slogans however reinvented creating an almost satirical compliment to the fashion industry. I would hope that not that much thought had been put into the collection though. Again the aesthetic is enough for it not to have some underline meaning. The outcome of Scott's designs is purely about creativity. It is not bored by political statements or creating shock values it is just what it is. 
Often credited as the fashion industries response to Warhol and Pop art Scott fits perfectly into the club kid mentality of promoting something new, something unseen and something heavily influenced by popular culture. Karl has even said that only he would be able to replace him as head designer of Chanel. How can that be topped! Scottie beam me up! 

love this review of his latest collection

Jeremy Scott charmed his captive audience, welcoming them into his magnificent fantasy world once again. Everyone seemed to be loving the ride. “This was about my enthusiasm of getting dressed up when I was going to college,” said the designer. “And lots of superheroes too. I’m in love with Batman, but Superman will always be close to my heart as well!” Singer Keri Hilson seemed to relate: “That Superman dress is the kind you want to put on when you’re about to take over the world,” she gushed.

Beyond superheroes, highlights included neon furs, lurex man skirts, and fantastical lace origami. And if cotton candy is your thing, there was plenty of fluffy pink to enjoy–angora bikinis, sweaters, fur shoes. “The energy of this show is so different from everything else,” said guest of honor Kanye West. “I’ve been to Jeremy’s shows in Paris and in New York, and he just puts out something that’s very joyous and creative. I felt a lot of good energy here.” Also in attendance was Vanessa Hudgens, who came dressed in the designer’s duds. “I’m wearing crosses and velvet, which are simply two of my favorite things in the world,” she exclaimed.

ashamed to admit i only discovered this amazing design house through working at Topshop and seeing there capsule collection for our boutique range. OH how i wish i could fit into that sheer leotard! Holograms haven't looked this good since 1970's doctor who! 

This brand comes from Berlin and are every bit eastern european. Seeking inspiration from their own diverse culture and others including street style in Japan. The brand has a huge following in korea and follows an Asian aesthetic for futuristic technology based design. The compilation of sheer fabrics with holographic shapes comes as a standard. Running the risk of becoming tacky the brand use sharp tailoring and sports luxe to create a chic statue. The diversity of the brand being so non-conformist and a-sexual means all ages, races and genders can pull this off. Like the club kids. There is something quite romantic and innocent about the brand, effortlessly youthful and fun the designs do not hinder on having meaning or purpose the garments are even affordable... when in sale... good bye pay check! GOSH I REALLY AM GUSHING OVER HERE! but i can't get enough! They even have there own blog! OH YUMMY!
The brand infiltrated fashion week parties and front rows by sending two holographic ghosts to sit amongst the fabulous. Pictures of the two ghosts with Karl Largafeld and Lady Gaga swarmed the internet creating such a brand phenomena. There latest collection designed by Jessica Nussbaum 

shows off a darker, subtler variation on the brand. Playing with bold shapes and prints rather than subtle detailing. The limited colour palette also creates a more sophisticated appearance to the brand. Whereas in contrast to the more club kid appropriate collection for Topshop it is all about the colour. That being neons and holographic sparkle on the sheer naked body! FABULOUS! The brand has taken new exciting designers and put them into the realm of disco with the constraints of seasonal designs the company has produced collections of strong creativity however appropriate and contemporary clothing. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Oh Givenchy!

Just the right amount of sexxxx and geekyness ! I love Givenchy's new collection, again pure print genius; the panthers, betty page and the green purple combo (purple is something I'm usually totally against but its the perfect shade of violet, yummmee) . AMAZEEEE

(all images


 Okay so maybe a bit obvious, as she is everywhere at the moment but, this is my ode to Mary Katrantzou. Her prints, her colours, her fabrics; its all pure perfection!
 The goldfish bowl is pure genius, non?!

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Mish, Bargs, Jels and Toates!

Throughout the past week i have been very fortunate. It has been a week of fun and sun. It has also been a week of goodbye pay check. The morning of payment required celebration. Well Balans for champagne breakfast really did not seem out of sorts. Then onto lunch in a darling courtyard surrounded by old camera shops with Lally just off holborn. Then onto dinner and drinks and all night fun.  So by now you can understand about a quarter of my pay check. In between meals i also dabbled into neal street shopping creating my outfit for circus on saturday... pictures below. Circus with £10 cocktails flowing at the time seemed perfectly reasonably considering the panoramic spectacular view of london. Okay then onto date night Ping Pong, a bottle of champagne why not, onto cocktails, and a bottle for home. Fine okay no worries. Gosh afternoon tea at the Hilton why not, when do ever do that! A trip to egg for BLOW, honestly not the best with a ten pound entry requirement, which i justified to myself as the music was supposed to brill, it was not but the toasties were! LETS GO SEE ELLIE GOULDING! she was amazing to be fair but still.... wish she had been golding. Waking up to a beautiful sunny day oh a trip to london fields with the polaroid app is in order. Lunch at the park (venison burgers) yummy! A few pints later and off out to a carnival in soho! money money money. Off the buy fabric run into Lally, Lunch, Desert FABULOUS! next evening shore-ditch (we did ditch) onto soho. Next day checking out fashion show location in may fair!  onto dinner at St.Pauls. Onto a Gypsy wedding party in soho.... recovery breakfast at the breakfast club! 
right now FML IN BED!!!! (not that i can now afford to rent the flat the bed is in) 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Fashion Week?

Just a few of my favs from that week..

This paul Costello number was just perfect. I love the models hair running throughout the show. This piece stood out to me dramatically from his other pieces. This just had such a contemporary chic quality. Love the neck line. 


PPQ not one to often fail rekindled me love for all things uber sophisticated sex appeal. These cat women slinked down the catwalk embodying power and poise. PUURRRFECT! 


I have pretty much failed not to like a collection that Erdem has bought out since his beginning. Although this was not my favorite, i much prefer his spring collections. He did pull out some show stoppers.


Thankyou Katie Eary for bringing the fun in. So many pieces in this collection i would love to strut down to Dover street in. 

KTZ, i would love them to dress the world for a day. The sheer sense of humor and opulent glamour really would make this a better place.


So apart from the occasional attempt at a entry to fashion week i was unfortunately busy with visitors. I did manage to scoop some behind the scenes goings on at liberty's with a meet and greet with Alexander Wang. Lots of very important people running around panic mode! FABULOUS! and the occasional modeling job kept me in the comfort zone of the fashion world and so did not feel completely left out... 


Oh Olivia Giles, St.Martins student, 19 years old, Life Drawing Model,