Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pam Hogg Oh Yum!

Whilst researching into our subcultures we are encouraged to look into designers and muses for our work. Originally it dawned on me that the club kid nature is probably more inspiring to designers and club kids themselves act as muses, such as Amanda Lapoore. They use of bricolage and creativity would suggest a club kid would never just pick a look pre-styled outfit up off the catwalk. Often you will find that Club Kids themselves go onto become designers such as Richie Rich for Heatherette. As the club kid culture has become more commercial and the outlandish nature has become for-fronted by pop icons like Lady Gaga and even Beyonce Knowles known for wearing pieces of Gareth Pugh. 
A clear icon within the works of exhibitionism with fashion leads us to focus on Pam Hogg whose designs transcend the nature of club kids however brings into the contemporary fashion market. 

Through her works in music videos, styling and designing she creates garments that encourage individuality and drama.

She was dressing the stars of the 80's and was indeed apart of the club kid scene. She still goes on the design for the contemporaries such as Lady Gaga as well as style icons like Kate Moss. 

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