Thursday, 24 November 2011

Suits you.

Just trying out some new looks, this is taken from Manish Arora's 2009 Spring/Summer collection.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Disposable Memories

Images courtesy of Olivia Giles, Title from Tye Korgaokar, love too you both

Winter cheer.

Totally sure about today. There is nothing better than an icy cold Sunday spent wandering around Covent Garden. I drank hot spiced cider with my brother and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon sky by the river. Somerset House is probably the perfect location at christmas, their tree decorations are some of the best I've seen, especially love the rabbit (or is it a hare? !)

Swanning Around.

Yesterday was spent crunching through icy leaves and admiring christmas window displays. Libertys being our favourite destination, we popped by to pine over christmas ornaments and beautiful china. Their windows did not disappoint, you can never go wrong with a stuffed swan I say !
Today it seems the first frost has struck. I am giving myself the day off and going to Somerset House to see the Dazed and Confused exhibition. Perhaps fitting in a toffee nut latte (my new favourite drink) at some point.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Divine decadence.

Libertys created the perfect backdrop for our black and white ensembles last night. Ed wears head to toe Versace (for H&M that is, the only time he will do queues is for Donnatella) and his new McQueen shoes, I'm wearing a mish mash of vintage , except for the coat which my mother, Penny MacBeth, made. Last night consisted of lots of free cocktails and running about London (the best kind of evening). We also had an exciting and unexpected meeting which I shall reveal, hopefully, very soon.
Tonight my university is having a big party to celebrate the move to Kings Cross. Stephen Jones is talking which is very exciting, I just have to choose any amazing hat to wear.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A little show about circus

A small selection of photographs from a shoot I did recently for a project I am doing for university. I have to curate a hypothetical exhibition, mine is going to be called 'A little show about circus' concentrating on fashion and its relationship with the circus as a reference. I am really really in love with the fake moustache, I purchased it in a joke shop in Cornwall. Its got wire in it so it can be bent in to any shape, so much fun! This was a collaborative effort between my mum and I, it really made me miss the silly shoots we used to do ! Definitely intend to do more like this, so watch this space !

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cotswold 88

During my visit to the Cotswolds i had the pleasure of lunching at Cotswold 88, a true find in this otherwise idilic country village, Cotswold 88 establishes a modern and stylish hotel in an traditional setting. The eccentric decor and artistic furnishing were only surpassed by the quality and display of the food, eaten whilst listening to classic massive attack (seriously brilliant). A real success and a future potential for a new years eve party!