Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Previously having posted the fashion film which accompanied this shoot I am now able to post the behind the scenes pictures as now the editorial has hit the shelves. Grab your copy of Kurv now! A shoot which resulted in everyday that followed being the day of the dead. EXHAUSTING! on location at all saints chapel was amazing, traveling to Eastbourne to do it... less amazing! A shoot which took the whole weekend working till about 2am both days. However we loved every minute of it. The mexican tradition of celebrating death and making it carnival like is something that has inspired the creative world for decades so to place that sense of joy into a chapel, a very english somber chapel, a place of mourning, confession and moral high ground seemed almost sacrilegious. So much so that the original male model walked off set!  This set the tone for the whole weekend, we were breaking unwritten rules. This was apparent in the styling, set and make-up. How dare we cover up a models perfect features with layers of body paint and distort their faces. How dare we use gypsy wedding dresses in shoot of couture elegance! Use ikea home furnishing to ordain a place of worship. And yes hair not dis-similar to the bride of frankenstein. However the results show for themselves... even the big man himself seemed to approve. 

He sent us a Blessing! 

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