Monday, 31 October 2011

Second to None

There are loads more to come but i couldn't help but share our first few Halloween creations. The first set of 1920's Vile bodies inspired to complete contrast of Classic shredded halloween gore. Those avid followers will notice the subtly in my second outfit in that it is partly the same as last year... thus reveling in a fashion students biggest fear of wearing the same outfit twice! AAAHHHHHH!!! 



Saturday, 22 October 2011

Vile Bodies

'Oh Nina, what a lot of parties.'
   (. . . Masked parties, Savage parties, Victorian parties, Greek parties, Wild West parties, Russian parties, Circus parties, parties where one had to dress as somebody else, almost naked parties in St. John's Wood, parties in flats and studios and houses and ships and hotels and night clubs, in windmills and swimming-baths, tea parties at school where one ate muffins and meringues and tinned crab, parties at Oxford where one drank brown sherry and smoked Turkish cigarettes, dull dances in London and comic dances in Scotland and disgusting dances in Paris-  all that succession and repetition of massed humanity. . .Those vile bodies. . .) (Waugh, 1930: 104)

   (Waugh, Evelyn. 1930. Vile Bodies. London: Penguin) 

Sunday, 16 October 2011


As of late Flowers have become an increasingly inspiring and important part of my life. 

My mother always filled our child hood homes with fresh flowers, an aesthetic i have taken for granted living two years without buying any flowers for my own home, i have now began to demand them. Whether it be on photoshoots, in projects or spending my first free sunday in a long time at columbia road flower market, flowers are definitely something i am investing time in. 

I even purchased Lana Del Rey's new EP for the intoxicating use of floral details throughout the album artwork and music video. Worth a look and listen. 

Monday, 3 October 2011


I've been spending these strange hot autumnal days in Regents Park, perfect for sunbathing, crunching through burnt orange leaves and munching glorious food. It really is one of my favourite places in London as it seems there is always a new place to discover, like the beautiful fountain above or the boating lake (my favourite bit!) . It does seem odd that its autumn yet its been so hot, I feel very confused ; I'm not sure how to dress myself for this weather ! I really want to be wearing tweed (my mum got me a great tweed suit) and handknitted jumpers and brogues however, I am stuck foraging through my wardrobe for the last dregs of my summer clothing !