Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Working all over the Jubilee weekend I had to instead show my Pride in my Outfits! God save this Queen! 


Edward where have you been! Sorry I have been on my travels darlings how I have missed you! I have just spent a glorious few weeks in Greece for my birthday and am finally back to the reality of London and all its glory... tubes, rain and expense. Greece was just the inspirational escape I needed, I just wish my dear Lally had been there with me, can you imagine the photos! Alas without my Lally I did manage to take a few shots and here are a choice few... 

Monday, 4 June 2012


 I spent yesterday frolicking about in Battersea Park dressed as the queen! The Battersea Jubilee Festival was, despite the rain, brillo. We nibbled on giant rice crispies, played musical bingo and ate gazillions of sarnies (ham & mustard, coronation chicken + cheese & mango chutney all made by me). All in all a right royal day out.