Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blurs of Sequins

Okay, my past two weeks of returning to uni have all (in theroy) been about getting back into the swing of things. New project, getting up early, commitments to work etc. And yet i have again found myself more out than in. A good thing i feel in terms of research a bad thing in terms of attendance! I MUST BUCK UP MY IDEAS PEOPLE!! anyway instead of boring you with the details of every evening i will simply sum up the highlights, As Lally has already blogged love to love was indeed amaze! However this week i have also had the delights of Momo's seesha bar with raspberry mojitos. Gorgeous interior of Moroccan inspired design. Also this week i have been to madame JOJO's, there is a spelling theme here. Where avant garde drag took place, i myself sported the new age geisha look! a risk taken when walking through china town! And then today non the less a camden shopping experience which left me with a one of a kind 1960's jean paul gaultier glitter jacket!!! oh the joy i cry!!! i can barley remember anything more, my weeks are blurs of panic and sequins!

also whilst in camden i could not help but stop of at the pet boutique for some tea with Libby! 

Sorry for being brief! but yeah as i say panic and sequins!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

If you’re one of us, then roll with us

 Hello, first of all we must both apologise for the lack of posts this week. It was the first week back at uni and we are both still trying to re accustom ourselves with waking up at 8am. Anyway this aside on Friday evening we went to Love to Love at The Bathhouse with Harry. We have been trying to force him out with us forever. Finally he came under our assurance that Henry Holland would be there, sadly prior to leaving the house we found out Henry was flying to Madrid that evening. OH ! It was still a brilliant night, Bathhouse is such a beautiful venue and so nicely tucked away. We danced a lot, drank a lot and by the end of the evening we were in Shoreditch, ball room dancing to reggae.

Ed: 'Are you sure about this?'
Lally: 'No'
Ed: 'Shall we go?'

p.s notice our nicely themed red tinged love to love pictures. Pictures of ACTUAL night will follow when we nag Harry enough.

Friday, 7 January 2011


Has to apologise for missing a KOKO evening of private balcony guest list fun. Hope some classic JC slightly makes up for it!? xxx
(also notice my hair and outfit, i really was ready to go, sorry) 

Wandering through the desert

 Today I was flicking through the new vogue and talking to my ma on the telephone and noticed their spread about a supposed trend 'Modern Craft'. I liked some of the pieces but to me they have got totally the wrong end of the stick. A couple of years ago, maybe 2009? they did a shoot in a desert and it was hazy and brilliant and totally what I would envisage for all the fringy textures, it was divine. I played with this idea in my outfit choice today but gave it more of a European twist rather than Americanna. This mainly being because a piece of tye dye (however much topshop try and sell it to me) CAN NEVER touch my body, so I swopped it for paisley and it ended up being a sort of weird amalgamation of cultures.

It's not Halloween, but i was sure scared!

Finding myself with an hour to kill in Stoke Newington i of course had an array of vintage delight's and coffee bars to keep me occupied, however a great find when i stumbled upon the greatest grave yard ever. Normally the idea of a positive adjective next to the word graveyard seems distasteful, but genuinely the place felt artificially brilliant, more like a disney play on the idea of a haunted house ride. Every inch was packed full of grave stones and statues it was just marvelous! If in need for some gothic inspiration this is the place to set your moody vampish photo-shoot! 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Ears!

Yes the new years started off well, like in all traditions champagne, fireworks, friends and family... faults were found. Okay there was no problem with the champagne to be fair, it was quite exciting as we drank it whilst flowers bloomed within the glass. Very Botany-fabulous. 

However as i would sip the champagne and look beyond the blossom, i found myself in Hastings. Now.... yes i love to visit hastings as alot of my family lives there who i love, and we all stay in their massive gorgeous georgian house lovely lovely, yet a worrying fact that the closest thing to glitter here was a shiny new tool. Fireworks were viewed over the garden fence overlooking the town centre i spotted the delights of a JJB sports and the delicatessen of a Gregg's bakery! GOSH! 
No worry i thought i will seek solace in the fabulosity of my cousins. Oh wait they have all bought there other halves with them. Talk about a 17th wheel. Genuinely i really enjoyed all of them however there felt a general vibe that me being there was merely taking much needed time for them to have SEX. Amaze! Nothing like meeting someone for the first time knowing they are shaking your hand really wishing that they were upstairs with your cousin. 

And then the family saga oh i am sure we will not get into that! In an attempt to seek some culture i ventured to the sea for a walk, a certain charm around a few corners, and an almost attempt at an art scene, but after one more nautical inspired piece i was done! DRINKS AHOY!  

Oh yes i have ears now...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Strawberry lace me up

So today we found ourselves in Holland Park sipping lattes and pondering where to go for the afternoon. 5 days left of dior at somerset house? Oh alright then. Off we popped and it was great,  Ed later said 'it was really inspiring and like I really feel its going to inform all my work for like ever now cause like dior is like so like good at making dresses and that' NO thats not what he said but it was amazing and somerset house was of course lovely! After this we had a little taste of Spain in the form of tapas and visited Lucy in Disguise.  Upon entry you may feel somewhat out of place, until you find that sneaky Chanel cassette belt and adoration from the shop assistants. We found ourselves peaking through every hanger at the labels and accessories, felt it a tad pretentious though altering all labels to their own brand but hey when Lilly Allen owns the place they can pretty much get away with it.
Kisses, Lally and Edwardo xxx

Monday, 3 January 2011

We are not eating here again.

So today Ed and I found ourselves in Notting Hill searching for food. We eventually after an hour managed to feed and water ourselves and then it was off to Leighton House for some cultural happeningsss. Unfortunately no photos of there as there were lots of signs saying NO with pictures of cameras, oh dear. However I shall endeavour to give you a quick description of our favourite bit. It was a hallway clad in Moroccan tiles of gold and peacock blues and greens. There was a fountain in the center and a gold encrusted doom above and little cushioned seats around the edges. OH YUM it was great, truly beautiful. This description by no means does it justice, it was such an overload of colours, its a bit hard to describe in words. Anyway after this we walked a little and found ourselves in Holland Park. I can't quite believe neither us had ever been there before. Sadly we had to depart quite quickly as we didn't want to get locked in but never fear we will be returning later this week and pictures shall of course follow.  For now enjoy these... 

 Note the amazing tiles and lighting, this is part of the cafe in Holland Park. This is our next stop for coffee.

p.s my outfit inspiration today was this painting by Van Gogh (I know, right!)  I saw it in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in the summer. I love the colours and textures, it reminds a bit of a little secret garden. It mainly influenced my hands in the colour of my nail vanish (a bright red one that I purchased when I was about fourteen from the local chemist, classy) and my ringadings, a butterfly and a green quartzzz, both from toppers. Anyway I thought it was quite appropriate considering we ended up in a garden.