Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Strawberry lace me up

So today we found ourselves in Holland Park sipping lattes and pondering where to go for the afternoon. 5 days left of dior at somerset house? Oh alright then. Off we popped and it was great,  Ed later said 'it was really inspiring and like I really feel its going to inform all my work for like ever now cause like dior is like so like good at making dresses and that' NO thats not what he said but it was amazing and somerset house was of course lovely! After this we had a little taste of Spain in the form of tapas and visited Lucy in Disguise.  Upon entry you may feel somewhat out of place, until you find that sneaky Chanel cassette belt and adoration from the shop assistants. We found ourselves peaking through every hanger at the labels and accessories, felt it a tad pretentious though altering all labels to their own brand but hey when Lilly Allen owns the place they can pretty much get away with it.
Kisses, Lally and Edwardo xxx

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