Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

Liquid Lunch

Breakfasts in Soho, Lunches in Chelsea, Dinners in Shoreditch
Who said you can't survive on Liquid Lunch! 

Starting my project slowly but surely...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Don't want to think about waking up

Innocent little lamb moves to the big city from the country corrupted by 
glitter, gin, gays and gaffer tape into a fully fledged
 city slicker...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Eyes wide shut

A while ago this photo was snapped, it was taken before Ed and I went to the Middlesex BA show. Its strange looking at it now, I was going through an obsession with eyes. Anyway nearly everything is vintage except for the brooch on my turban which was made by my mum (Penny MacBeth) and the dress which was borrowed from my mum and is Anokhi for East. My eyebrows aren't very visible in this but they were blue, heres a faintly ridiculous photo that shows their true bluenesss.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Heaven in Hell

 Yesterday was the beginning of LFW, what did we do? Got dressed up and posed in a doorway of course! I'm wearing a dress my mum made from a 16th century smock pattern, my favourite boots (also my mums !) and a floral wreath I found in Cornwall.  Ed is wearing his new wine coloured trousers and an AAA Topman shirt. Not sure where his shoes or yummy leather is from but I'm sure he'll fill us in when he finishes work.
Stay tuned for more fun on Monday.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chelsea Girl

We had a wonderful day out in Chelsea today, filled with beautiful flowers, yummy salad and lots and lots of walking. A lovely way to spend the end of summer. I'm off to sleep now, its going to be a long day tomorrow !

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

East meets Westfield

Yesterday was the opening of the new Westfield London in Stratford based on the Olympic site. Which i will firstly say has got me so excited! Can not wait for 24 hour tubes, street parties and Tom Daley!
We headed over to the opening courtesy of Goldsmiths Boutique. Like many of the stores in the new shopping centre Goldsmiths Boutique is a completely re-branded store of the future. The selection of watches and jewelry on display felt very far from my high street expectations. Stocking limited edition pieces and designer treats. Being greeted by the lovely Joseph from Boudoir PR, Champagne in hand, we explored the collections and unwound in the mini-spa. Yes i said mini-spa... alas no Jacuzzi but massage, manicures and treatments, surely this is the only way to shop. At lunch we had the opportunity to open the goodies we received. I was most excited about the jeweled pencils however i am sure someone else will very much appreciate the Guess earrings they will get this christmas. After a fab lunch of mexican treats we headed over to the Fashion Rocks store to peruse some designer pieces and sip some more champagne. The whole environment of westfields felt very new and all about re-invention. The main court yard even had an electronic waterfall... real water is so par-say! The court yard also featured a selection of gorgeous window displays... I may have a slight bias opinion here as my flat mate may have done them.... i  am hoping for one of the masks to make its way home into our humble abode. Fabulous day and huge Thankyou's to Boudoir, Goldsmiths and Westfield. However the only flaw i could find in Westfield was its lack of East-end vibe... Oh roof top flat warming party in Brick Lane! Soon filled the void.