Friday, 9 September 2011

Vogues Fashion Night Out

Last night Ed and I embarked upon a delightful adventure to Vogues Fashion Night Out. We went for matching vibes, black and white being our new fave colour combo (it matches espresso martini perfectly). Ed did polka dots, I did sequins.
We were a little late but as you all know fashionably late is definitely the only way to arrive and I feel we made up for it by covering as many places as quickly as possible! We headed to Liberty's first, it being our favourite place to shop. It was nothing short of devine; pineapple cocktails, Henry Holland and a Tropicanna Disco. It was perfectly kitsch.
Next stop was Omega to meet my flatmate Brad. We drank champagne , ate canapes and admired the espresso martinis however, I'm not sure it was really our scene all a little too low key. Next were a variety of shops along Bond Street, Burberry being the definite highlight. The music was amazing and the people were so .. beautiful.
After lots of champagne and probably too many pictures we headed home. It was such a lovely evening, we will definitely be visiting again next year, I just wish London could be this wonderful every night!

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  1. I would so, so love to have gone...I suppose there's always next year. Great sequinned jacket - definitely makes you one of the 'beautiful people.'