Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm running towards my Mecca

Today was what can only be described as a magical day. Ed and I met in Knightsbridge with the plan of visiting the Chanel World installation in Harrods, after nearly an hour of walking around Harrods and a million false starts, we found it. Ed nearly cried, I couldn't speak, it was a thing of utter beauty. From the moment we swept through the strings of pearls to our exit through Karl's library we had open mouths. It was a truly Chanel experience, mysterious and exquisitely beautiful, absolutely every detail had been planned. Ed was in love with the couture room (a replica of Coco's rue Cambon apartment!) , personally my favourite moment was the maze room, complete with a working fountain and quilted Chanel watering cans.
I urge you all to visit, sadly it was no photography so we couldn't capture any of it on film, much to our dismay, but you probably need to see it in reality to truly feel the beauty that is CHANEL. Just to give you a heads up its on the third floor (it took us a long time to work this out..) 
After this truly delightful start to our day we waltzed off to Hyde park for a little frolic in some wild flowers and a visit to The Serpentine, which was fun, if it a little minimal. All in all a very Parisan day (if only we had ended at the Arc de Triomphe instead of Marble Arch)

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