Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Virgin Suicides.

 I found this dress whilst I was rummaging through my wardrobe in Cornwall. It belonged to my mum when she was my age. Though its a little torn and tattered I still love it; the colour, shape and fabric are just perfect. Anyway I packed it up and brought it back to London with me. It had its first outing yesterday to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair and I teemed it with a plait, tied with a length of ribbon that Michael gave me and a vintage brooch from a carboot!

I was reminded whilst wearing it of some pictures a friend, Hayley Brown, took a few years ago. It was based on The Virgin Suicides and if you'll excuse my questionable haircut then they are quite lovely !

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sloane Rangers.


My brother, George, moved to London last week so as a little cultural break from his job hunt we met in Sloane Square to visit the Saatchi sculpture exhibition. There was a lot of rain and thunder but I always find there is something quite comforting about being in west London in the rain ! The exhibition was wonderful , I urge you all to visit. These were a few of our favourites, I think the top floor galleries were my favourites, especially 'milky way' the installation below.

In other news Ed's been at Creamfields this weekend and I've just spent the afternoon wandering around Judy's affordable Vintage Fair in Spitalfields. A lovely day out, I saw lots of lovely things but I only purchased one; a green and silver tibetan ring. Keep your eyes peeled as Ed and I have lots of exciting posts coming up.




Thursday, 25 August 2011


Okay so last night was the EP launch party for Queen of Hearts at the Lexington. Firstly what an amazing venue, what seemed like an ordinary north London pub turned out to be a critically acclaimed perfect set up for a performance. Perfect sound and vintage flocked wall paper it harmonized with The Queens edgy electro-pop vision. The day consisted of running to fashion houses picking up selections for the show, assembling lights to create that oh so Kylie Minouge meets Star Wars vibe.  Backstage was a treat too... a dark dingy room covered with bands take on graffiti... maybe one to many dick-tation jokes but otherwise a fun way to pretend to cause some sense of rock and roll anarchy... i just couldn't help myself! Along with high jacking the stage for a private performance. The EP is released in october make sure you check her out! She and her creatures are sure to be ruling the charts soon! 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Panda Catcher

 I have returned from Cornwall. It feels odd being back in London but in a nice way. Lots of projects to get started on and exciting new ideas to think about.

These pictures were taken for my mum's new exhibition 'China, China' , check out her website for more info , Penny MacBeth Gallery.
I found this great panda jacket in a charity shop in Cornwall, it was £4, such a brilliant bargain. The hat was acquired at the same time and the trousers and shoes are also charity shop finds. I am sipping a singapore sling, my new favourite cocktail; gin, cherry brandy and lemonade topped with a maraschino cherry (or at least thats our version !) YUM!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


A few months ago a lovely lady from a blog called Style East snapped my photo at the bank holiday Affordable Vintage Fair  in Spitalfields. Here are the results ! I like what she ( I don't know her name sorry!) has written I think she got my vibe quite right. I was feeling very witchy and even though it was swelteringly hot, I was longing for autumnal days! The velvet skirt is vintage ghost, that I picked up in a charity shop on Goodge street on the day I started university, a very good find. The shirt was nabbed from my mum and the cape is actually a poncho that Josh's granny gave me and all the charms on my necklaces are my grannies! So its a very beg, borrow, steal outfit but I guess quite a lot of my clothes are like that.

Its always seems strange reflecting on outfits, I look at this now and think it looks a little messy but I'm in a bit of shirt and suit stage at the moment. I suppose my aesthetic is always changing !

Anyway... I'm still in Cornwall but I'll be returning to London at the end of the week, very excited to go back. However, before that I'm going to a talk at my mums gallery (Penny MacBeth Gallery) on Tarot Imagery, in fact this witchy look would be the perfect outfit !

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A recipe !

The other night I was feeling rather adventurous so I decided to whip up a Pizza Bianca and what a treat it was !

Perhaps you'd like to know how I created this culinary delight?

I made some dough first of all (I did cheat a little and use a packet, it definitely would be much better using homemade dough!) to the dough I mixed in some parmesan and fresh rosemary.

I made the dough in to a pizza shape and greased and floured a tin. Popped the dough in the tin and made a little crust and left it to rise for about 20 mins.

Whilst it was rising I grated garlic very finely and chopped some fresh rosemary, an onion and a courgette.

Then I drizzled oil on the dough, sprinkled over the garlic and rosemary and some crumpled feta cheese. Then scattered the courgettes and onions and finally topped with some shredded mozzarella.

I cooked it for about half an hour at 200 degrees, but when I make pizza in my gas oven at home I usually cook them at 180 degrees for about 35 mins.

Serve with a salad of rocket and of course a chilled glass of white wine, enjoy!

p.s I also made this tomato, pepper and bacon flatbread , yummme!