Tuesday, 16 August 2011


A few months ago a lovely lady from a blog called Style East snapped my photo at the bank holiday Affordable Vintage Fair  in Spitalfields. Here are the results ! I like what she ( I don't know her name sorry!) has written I think she got my vibe quite right. I was feeling very witchy and even though it was swelteringly hot, I was longing for autumnal days! The velvet skirt is vintage ghost, that I picked up in a charity shop on Goodge street on the day I started university, a very good find. The shirt was nabbed from my mum and the cape is actually a poncho that Josh's granny gave me and all the charms on my necklaces are my grannies! So its a very beg, borrow, steal outfit but I guess quite a lot of my clothes are like that.

Its always seems strange reflecting on outfits, I look at this now and think it looks a little messy but I'm in a bit of shirt and suit stage at the moment. I suppose my aesthetic is always changing !

Anyway... I'm still in Cornwall but I'll be returning to London at the end of the week, very excited to go back. However, before that I'm going to a talk at my mums gallery (Penny MacBeth Gallery) on Tarot Imagery, in fact this witchy look would be the perfect outfit !


  1. Hey! Nice to put a name to a face. I adored this look, really, ever since I snapped you all I've wanted to wear was fringing and velvet and florals! Great to have found your blog too.
    Jennifer x

  2. hello! oh that so sweet. I think you can never have too much fringing or velvet, I'm so excited for wintery days so I can wear lots of good textures ! I love your blog, always enjoy looking at who you've snapped!

    Lally x

  3. Thanks so much! I've linked your blog across to the post now, and put your face to the name x