Thursday, 25 August 2011


Okay so last night was the EP launch party for Queen of Hearts at the Lexington. Firstly what an amazing venue, what seemed like an ordinary north London pub turned out to be a critically acclaimed perfect set up for a performance. Perfect sound and vintage flocked wall paper it harmonized with The Queens edgy electro-pop vision. The day consisted of running to fashion houses picking up selections for the show, assembling lights to create that oh so Kylie Minouge meets Star Wars vibe.  Backstage was a treat too... a dark dingy room covered with bands take on graffiti... maybe one to many dick-tation jokes but otherwise a fun way to pretend to cause some sense of rock and roll anarchy... i just couldn't help myself! Along with high jacking the stage for a private performance. The EP is released in october make sure you check her out! She and her creatures are sure to be ruling the charts soon! 


  1. nooo way the shot of the guy in the middle of the room is perfection, he really suits the atmosphere and the vibe is brilliant, loveee the walls and that dress :O great post and such a dear thank you for the fab comment <3

  2. Oh thank you darling ! Thats Ed , my partner in crime in blogging ! X

  3. That looks awesome! Love the room!