Sunday, 16 January 2011

If you’re one of us, then roll with us

 Hello, first of all we must both apologise for the lack of posts this week. It was the first week back at uni and we are both still trying to re accustom ourselves with waking up at 8am. Anyway this aside on Friday evening we went to Love to Love at The Bathhouse with Harry. We have been trying to force him out with us forever. Finally he came under our assurance that Henry Holland would be there, sadly prior to leaving the house we found out Henry was flying to Madrid that evening. OH ! It was still a brilliant night, Bathhouse is such a beautiful venue and so nicely tucked away. We danced a lot, drank a lot and by the end of the evening we were in Shoreditch, ball room dancing to reggae.

Ed: 'Are you sure about this?'
Lally: 'No'
Ed: 'Shall we go?'

p.s notice our nicely themed red tinged love to love pictures. Pictures of ACTUAL night will follow when we nag Harry enough.


  1. youre so pretty as always lally, i miss your face x

  2. aw thank you! I miss you also, its been so long x