Monday, 3 January 2011

We are not eating here again.

So today Ed and I found ourselves in Notting Hill searching for food. We eventually after an hour managed to feed and water ourselves and then it was off to Leighton House for some cultural happeningsss. Unfortunately no photos of there as there were lots of signs saying NO with pictures of cameras, oh dear. However I shall endeavour to give you a quick description of our favourite bit. It was a hallway clad in Moroccan tiles of gold and peacock blues and greens. There was a fountain in the center and a gold encrusted doom above and little cushioned seats around the edges. OH YUM it was great, truly beautiful. This description by no means does it justice, it was such an overload of colours, its a bit hard to describe in words. Anyway after this we walked a little and found ourselves in Holland Park. I can't quite believe neither us had ever been there before. Sadly we had to depart quite quickly as we didn't want to get locked in but never fear we will be returning later this week and pictures shall of course follow.  For now enjoy these... 

 Note the amazing tiles and lighting, this is part of the cafe in Holland Park. This is our next stop for coffee.

p.s my outfit inspiration today was this painting by Van Gogh (I know, right!)  I saw it in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam in the summer. I love the colours and textures, it reminds a bit of a little secret garden. It mainly influenced my hands in the colour of my nail vanish (a bright red one that I purchased when I was about fourteen from the local chemist, classy) and my ringadings, a butterfly and a green quartzzz, both from toppers. Anyway I thought it was quite appropriate considering we ended up in a garden.

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