Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Ears!

Yes the new years started off well, like in all traditions champagne, fireworks, friends and family... faults were found. Okay there was no problem with the champagne to be fair, it was quite exciting as we drank it whilst flowers bloomed within the glass. Very Botany-fabulous. 

However as i would sip the champagne and look beyond the blossom, i found myself in Hastings. Now.... yes i love to visit hastings as alot of my family lives there who i love, and we all stay in their massive gorgeous georgian house lovely lovely, yet a worrying fact that the closest thing to glitter here was a shiny new tool. Fireworks were viewed over the garden fence overlooking the town centre i spotted the delights of a JJB sports and the delicatessen of a Gregg's bakery! GOSH! 
No worry i thought i will seek solace in the fabulosity of my cousins. Oh wait they have all bought there other halves with them. Talk about a 17th wheel. Genuinely i really enjoyed all of them however there felt a general vibe that me being there was merely taking much needed time for them to have SEX. Amaze! Nothing like meeting someone for the first time knowing they are shaking your hand really wishing that they were upstairs with your cousin. 

And then the family saga oh i am sure we will not get into that! In an attempt to seek some culture i ventured to the sea for a walk, a certain charm around a few corners, and an almost attempt at an art scene, but after one more nautical inspired piece i was done! DRINKS AHOY!  

Oh yes i have ears now...

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