Friday, 11 March 2011

Mish, Bargs, Jels and Toates!

Throughout the past week i have been very fortunate. It has been a week of fun and sun. It has also been a week of goodbye pay check. The morning of payment required celebration. Well Balans for champagne breakfast really did not seem out of sorts. Then onto lunch in a darling courtyard surrounded by old camera shops with Lally just off holborn. Then onto dinner and drinks and all night fun.  So by now you can understand about a quarter of my pay check. In between meals i also dabbled into neal street shopping creating my outfit for circus on saturday... pictures below. Circus with £10 cocktails flowing at the time seemed perfectly reasonably considering the panoramic spectacular view of london. Okay then onto date night Ping Pong, a bottle of champagne why not, onto cocktails, and a bottle for home. Fine okay no worries. Gosh afternoon tea at the Hilton why not, when do ever do that! A trip to egg for BLOW, honestly not the best with a ten pound entry requirement, which i justified to myself as the music was supposed to brill, it was not but the toasties were! LETS GO SEE ELLIE GOULDING! she was amazing to be fair but still.... wish she had been golding. Waking up to a beautiful sunny day oh a trip to london fields with the polaroid app is in order. Lunch at the park (venison burgers) yummy! A few pints later and off out to a carnival in soho! money money money. Off the buy fabric run into Lally, Lunch, Desert FABULOUS! next evening shore-ditch (we did ditch) onto soho. Next day checking out fashion show location in may fair!  onto dinner at St.Pauls. Onto a Gypsy wedding party in soho.... recovery breakfast at the breakfast club! 
right now FML IN BED!!!! (not that i can now afford to rent the flat the bed is in) 

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