Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I don't mean to be rude but...

Okay first thing is first... i realise this is totally un-east london of me to even consider listening to the new Enrique Iglesias track but as the title is 'tonight i am fucking you' how could i not! This was a man who sang love ballads about being a hero creating videos starring young hollywood elite and to be fair melting hearts over the nation. THIS TRACK DOES NO SUCH THING! the video 'subtly' addresses ideas of sexuality with the young hollywood hookers, creating a more heroin vibe than hero. But alas it is bound to be the joy of all teenage rebels everywhere walking down the high street being so cool listening to songs with swear words in discussing the concept of intercourse as a totally rad experience especially when in the  bathroom of a club which they are not legally able to even enter. YAY! 
A far cry now from Enrique to the Rhythm Factory in whitechapel,  recently getting major press as the new place to be! a visit was in order... we didn't go till three am (don't ask but you know why). It was epic! this friday is free entry so will defo be returning. Upon entry you enter the bar welcomed by classic gina g and michael jackson! first room high voltage drum and bass! 2nd room grimy jungle beats! 


Also this week i found my new favorite place for a coffee break whilst fabric shopping in Soho. A fab little tea shop just off Berwick street with a huge range of exotic tea and fab cake. A place for the mac book ready, design drawing, socialites. I also found some fabulous skin coloured latex for my project i know right what?? but trust me it will be amaze! This week also saw the first signs of spring. Chilled out on my brothers roof watching the sun go down was just the perfect way to prepare for cocktails in spitafields with Libby.

 Upon reflection this has been a Fabulous week of simple pleasures! THANK YOU LONDON! 
Of course i would have to be ill throughout it all... not so hot. But a comforting visit from darling Sarah Hall and a cheeky take away! oh how dare we! definitely helped xxx

P.S. Nice socks sarahxx

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