Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Oh My Blog

Oh how i wish i had been in cornwall with Lally this week. The gallery does indeed look amazing. Brava mummy Macbeth! 
I would love to say that my week has been a series of gallery openings and vip events however a large slice of humble pie has warmed me through. From starting the week in Nineties it has led me to reminise on old friends, family traditions and home comforts. Within the past few weeks i have been reunited with four of my closest friends from a time before london madness, i have had visits from parents and siblings and actually eaten in with my flat mate. 

Of course this did mean i missed a shabba dabba da london fashion week party, a meet and greet with Alexander Wang, possible tickets to the Ashish fashion show and the opportunity to wear my once in a life time gold sequined Jean Paul Gaultier number... hmmm no no no i must convince my self that the pub quiz in camden was better than all of that! Right?
Okay meeting up with fellow blogger and gorgeous human being Jessica Robyn was a true rival to all, sipping glasses of wine whilst gracing the likes of carnaby street has been a highlight. We also felt the need to visit Kooples, based on their dare i say rather 'fit' ad campaigns. Kooples did not disappoint. 

Very desirable lifestyle items easily displayed in sizes small to sorry your too fat. Fabulous. 
Oh a trip (pun intended) to east village in shoreditch to see DJ derek the 80 something year old granddad who likes a bit of drum and bass mixed with nina simone was also an interesting one? 
I really can not some up the past few days i have been a student, a designer, a model, a photographer, a loser (like literally LOSER), a winner, a wannabe, a somebody, a nobody, the old me, a new me and a confused me. Oh my God could i be more Oh my Blog.

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