Sunday, 6 February 2011


Okay so as part of our course research we had to indulge ourselves into a sub culture. Obvious thoughts to look at Punk, Goth, Rockers and Mods flittered through the class room. Fortunately the night before I  had watched Party Monster, the film version of the James St. James's novel Disco Bloodbath,  more of a biographical account of downtown New York in the 1980's. A world filled with glitter and Fabulous creatures creating their own world where the party never ends. Well! this sounds far more up my alley then risking it in a underground grungy heavy metal bar. So what are the key features of a club kid. Well in itself there are none, the theory of no rules applies. 'if you wake up feeling like a troll you should dress like a troll' it is a sub culture of expressionism and exhibitionism. The outfits differ from bricolage extremes to high end catwalk couture! Anyone can be a club kid as by in large it is purely of an evening. The classic concept of what people do with their weekends is up to them. It's about shocking and creating a scene, the confidence to be the character you are playing and promote the positivity and joy for life that comes with it. Originally in New York the scene was set at the club the Limelight. Obviously for this course i could not venture not only over seas, but also back in time as the Limelight was soon shut down due to drug charges. So where would i find my club kids now in this decade in this city of london!
My first port of call was EGG club, not always known for it's club kid atmosphere, however when the night is Panto themed and hosted by Boy George, well one could assume. And one succeeded. The VIP'S and performers of the evening were all dressed to the nines. Whilst the general public would pay to see the freaks amerced in their culture. However the sheer dominance of the club kids creates a sense where you feel awkward and embarrassed to be dressed 'normally'. Fantastic a group the has actually flipped the perspective on a situation whereby the norm is subculture. Well my first attempt at being a club kid did not favour to well, sure i managed to blag free drinks, VIP access, Guest list etc, but my outfit left me in dark with the photographers, well until it came to the dance floor. Club Kid music is a mix of house electro meets old time cheese. 'As long we can dance hardcore its all good!'
So from being at this event the joy of facebook led me to be invited to another event NANCY. Nancy is a club night run across different locations each time, of course a Club Kid would never be seen the same place twice (let alone the same outfit). I have Blogged about this earlier so just scroll down for more info... i wont bore you now.
Again meeting more people another invite here, there and everywhere, it seems the masses of this party's exisit run by independent groups creating places for club kids to be. Shabba daba da, Haute, Nancy, Circus, and regular nights can be found at Punk and Madame JoJo's. However the genius of club kids is that they really can go anywhere, from brick lane to soho to the local pub. The more standard the place the more they stand out and for them the BETTER! Anyway for now i have surely gone on to long. So just to tide you over here are some pictures from some darling nights enjoy....

(Okay this really is just a few, i have tagged/been tagged/uploaded pictures on facebook but with its new crazy system i can't copy them back into my folders! ARRRaaggh when i figure out how this is done... loads more fun!)

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