Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The grand tour.

WHAT? you've missed me? oh why thank you. The last week has seen me up to my neck in Rococo, Madame Pompadour and Lyons silk. However, I have decided to take a small break from it to do a little blog catch up.

 So yesterday I went on a school (!) trip to Bath. It was lovely, just how I remembered it. We had a tour of all the sites (they are few and far between ha) and then visited the costume museum to touch some genuine 18th century garms, very exciting. We spent much of the rest of the day eating. Wagamamas, scones, avocado on toast and lashings of tea!
Anyway sadly my camera seems to be on its very last legs so I didn't get very many pictures of our grand tour however, here are a few I did get .
Sorry for the rushed nature of this, I just have too much to do, woe is me and all that.

p.s I apologise for the terrible grammar in this post, I can't write any longer, my mind is numb

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