Saturday, 27 November 2010

Good morning.. oh its afternoon! definitely got up really late and haven't done any work, yiiiikkkesss. Anyway moving aside from that purchases this week? yesss please !

So first of all; breakfast plate from Fortnum and Mason. Its part of my mas christmas present, shuushh!

Pleatherrr or is is leather!? dress from H&M, this was a dream buy! I originally purchased it for Josh's graduation but I feel maybe its a little S&M but as Ed said 'You can't spell CSM without S&M'. 

Lastly my lecturer entered my classroom this week with a stack of books, we were all a bit worried he was going to set us an essay but it turned out to be this! Luella gave them to us and we have to send her feedback, OH EM GEE! I love her, literally love, so it was very exciting. The book is great so far, only dipped in to it a little but I love her attitude and its really nice to hear someone who doesn't take fashion completely seriously. Also its done in such a nice format, the cover is a little bit worn and I like the guilt lettering. Well done Luella, I salute you forevvvs !

I simply thought i would just add some additional photos here...

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