Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A week of culturing ones self.

SO last night at 6.00pm I received a facebook message from one of my course mates asking if I'd like come to the ballet! YES! Amazing, she won tickets to see Sylvia at the Royal Opera House heres a little link. Anyway it was so lovely, I didn't understand half of what was going on, but the costumes were beautiful and the Opera House is grand and oh oh just brilliant ! I didn't get any pictures as it was a bit last minute and I forgot my camera (also they are very haughty about taking pictures 'NO FLASH'). So that was all very exciting , I felt very posh and a bit like I was in an 18th century novel.
Anyway today I went to Kenwood House with my course. We meet at 10.30 and it was all so lovely and icy and the house its self was great, really run down but full of amazing paintings. I wish I could have explored a bit more as we rushed round a bit but hopefully I can go again soon!
All in a lovely couple of days! I feel extremely cultured , ha! 

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