Monday, 15 November 2010

Passion Fruit Daiquiri

After work, yet again i found myself working, a few of us popped to Balans (Cocktail bar and restaurant) for a few drinks and some dinner. As always the service was excellent, 'at balans anything is possible', and fate resulted in as all having Passion Fruit Daiquiri's despite orders of mangos and mojitos, this however is no complaint, Balans failed to disappoint and I for one will definitely order the passion again. Reasons for cocktails, not that one really ever needs one, my dream of owning the leather trousers ended today, they did not look good. My shopping adventures have not been as successful as Lally's this week, however i am sure i will make up for it. Sorry about the no pictures tho guys, complete fail however no fear i leave you with fabulous thoughts and ideas for your week..... (u may have to come up with those yourself) xx

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