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Ok so for my course I need to research some 'apparently' fabulous shops where one can buy 'fabulous' things... are we sure about that? well lets find out?? 
First on the list... SELFRIDGES! okay i feel no need to tell you all that Selfridges is yes amazing, i fail to go in and leave without a little yellow bag. However not my favorite Selfridges in the world, unfortunately i have to admit to the Trafford centre Selfridges being my favorite, whether that be due to its glorious food hall, or whether it was because it was my first Selfridges experience and that is something you never forget! 

The Building itself is indeed a glorious beginning to the horror that is the rest of Oxford street. 

Okay so next is Urban Outfitters, well the perfect place to shop if the aim of your look is to achieve a wannabe alternative retro mainstream hipster look. We have all been there, as a fifteen year old from up north Urban outfitters was truly an escapist dream shop, however now, like all good things in life the word Commercial springs to mind. Although in saying that they do stock my favorite jeans Cheap Mondays and yes okay the layout of almost ski lodge meets warehouse is far more appealing than most.

Liberty's! i would name my first daughter after Liberty's. Classically beautiful on the outside, welcoming and bursting with creative genius on the inside. A lifetime could be spent in this store without boredom. Me and Lally are fond of afternoon tea here and spend far to much of our money on that extra glass of champagne with lunch, but at Liberty's money really is not an issue. Assuming one has on average £600 to spend on the latest Ann Demulemeester feathered vest. Fabulous! 

Also just for a little outsider fun, our Talented good friend Sarah Hall, (check her out she has a blog) just happened to do the Christmas windows this year at Liberty's and i have some exclusive behind the scenes photos for you....

Check her out for more... sarah hall 
Browns and Browns Focus- do not enter these stores if there are more than three off you. If you own Ugg boots (which i hope none of you do) do not enter this store, the staff here are trained to belittle the non fashion conscience. Mens to the right women to the left the store is laid out so efficiently the concept of removing something from its rail to look at seems unimaginable. Enter ED... fortunately i entered alone and was fabulously dressed so not an issue, i delved right into some burberry coats, an approaching sales assistant shot fear into me as i wrestled to remove the coat before  fear led me to sweat upon it. However the assistants ominous sneer turned out to be a glorious smile and friendly assistance, offering different sizes, styles and even access to the fitting rooms! Basically respect them, respect fashion and they will respect you. Yohjo Yamamoto one of a kind sandals up for offer very tempting. 

Dover Street Market. My dream place to work, shop, eat and live. Hidden away just off bond street the store feels like an installation. I do admit to spending most of my time in the basement where items seem cheap compared to the top floors collection of Hussein Chayalan and Gareth Pugh. This place is edgy and relaxed no threat from sales assistance here. Once you have chosen your dream outfit to try on (just for fun) enter the birdcage and dress up all you want. 

And yes i may have bought a Comme des Garcons t-shirt i really can not afford but thats just what Dover Street does to a boy. 

Topshop. As a employee of Topshop, Lally being an ex employee i feel obliged to tell how amazing it is and how it is truly the best place to get high end fashion on the highstreet. With our boutique range, topshop design and designers for topshop, christopher kane, louise goldin to name a few truly this is hub for the fashion hungry, whether your following a trend or starting it you will find something here. Affordable fashion though? £250 on leather leggings? we are edging into Liberty's territory. 

Beyond Retro and Absolute vintage, i feel i can pretty much group these shops as your experience will barely differ. Do not see these as shops, she them as adventures into the 'past' i say 'past' as it astounds me that these 'vintage' items find themselves repeated throughout many an east london store but hey who really notices these things, as long as it has the look of being thrown out by some 60's rebellion tribe then i'm game. There are truly fun times to be had in these shops, old wedding dresses, what i can only hope is coffee stained t-shirts, and about a million flannel and denim numbers await.

Hoxton Boutique. Yes it has mirrored walls and neon lights, fun window displays and a modern layout with a young fresh atmosphere. However a feeling of try hard.... dare i say came through, but i feel that this actually adds to its charm, it is not pretentious or arrogant, you enter feeling wanted, a required aspect to the store itself, the clothes are fun but i just wanted more! However there blog is fun, and i do love their commitment to forward fashion, they are definitely trend setters, you will not find sheep here, just maybe the odd LCF student killing time on their lunch break.

B Store. Amazing Savile row mens clothes dominate. Its all amazing, so chic! Enough said, you can only go there to understand. But yet again the Browns rules apply here. 

Sefton My problem with Sefton is that from the outside this looks very accessible, young and relevant to me. Affordable even, yes very well displayed but a very small store with an edge to suggest a reasonable price tag. I was mistaken. Upon entry i was shocked to see expensive brands of luxury items. More for the wealthy gentlemen then the fashion hungry teen. However nipped in the corduroy jackets are fabulous Christopher Kane and japanese designer t-shirts to be had. 

I myself just could not resist.

Oxfam Boutique in Notting Hill was indeed an experience, aware of it's high brand and quality donations the store uses it's advantage's with excellent avant garde display and boutique style of display, this bares no connection to stereotypical charity shop's stacks of bits of bobs and rails of clothes nobody wants. It has clearly been thought out and executed well.  

Matches situated within the fabulous Ledbury, i highly recommend a visit to the shops and restaurants if your idea of shopping is sophisticated ease. Matches does not differ to Browns, it has a similar atmosphere and engagement with the customer, however although high fashion i felt it did not try hard enough relying on its reputation, the displays were almost to typical and the stock whilst fabulously designer did not feel exclusive to the store. However the more relaxed layout of the store allowed an easier shopping experience. Warm carpeted and christmasy. 

The Convenience Store was shut. Great. I was really not happy about this as to get there you have to literally leave the glamour of the highstreet behind and head into residential council estates as the shop just so happens to be the ground floor of a council block tower. FABULOUS! yes it is not exactly where you would expect to find a designer goods shop however the irony of its name and placement really does it a charm and bravado that other shops lack. 
use link for indoor images and guides to when open. I visited on a appointment only day. FOOL! 

Start well start is perfectly situated within rivington street, subtly taking over the majority of its square, with three shops each dedicated to woman, man and sale there really is no choice to explore. The atmosphere is very backstreet you have to know about the shop to come in. With its luminous lighting and eye catching displays the shop really works at drawing you in as a new customer. The stock was as it should be, well laid out, outfit led with a wide choice however again not highly individual.

ACNE, a brand we all know from department stores, jeans and adverts so i was so excited to go and visit it as a shop by itself. I was not disappointed. Indeed more gallery than shop, the clothes acting as inspirational pieces of art work rather than products to purchase. So yes i do love the shop and brand however i would dare buy anything from here due to fear of ruining the display. Pick up your acne at Dover street market just up the road. 

Diverse, the name says it all? yes it does, stocking off course the obvious range of diverse designers Missoni no less, as well as the more obscure Omar Kashoura. The store is diverse and well presented however i actually prefer to shop online here. The shop the friendly for more didn't feel welcoming, as though i was invading a territory that was not mine. A place for local shoppers where a new face would be condemned. Unable to see inside the shop until inside the shop felt unwelcoming. 

POP UP SHOP OLI ELLA a really fun and original shop selling the most desirable nursing chairs. I know what? but that is the great thing about a pop up shop it can sell anything! The stock was really interesting and felt more like an exhibition and exploration into and idea than a shop. 


Farefetch.com- with over 400 designers you are bound to find something here. However when long sleeve jumpers from Lucien Pellat Finet are selling at £1500+ you may struggle to do affordable fashion here. The online store really works however in terms of layout and imagery to make it a more pleasurable experience however i feel that for the money spent an actual visit to a shop a genuine experience is required. 
OKI-NI.COM high end designer menswear online with next day delivery! AMAZING! love it use of styled range and unstyled purchasing area. Allows you to gain a knowledge of how to wear the garments but also allows you to create your own, the site encourages creativity providing inspiration and ideas. The site sells limited editions and exclusive designer so definitely worth a look. 
Net-a-Porter.com Luxury designer boutique online, women's only, again like OKI-NI the site offers an online magazine creating lifestyle and designed choices for purchasing as well as individual product for sale. Clean and vibrant very fun however sophisticated enough to keep credibility to the designs and store, especially when considering the price tags, virtual or not they are still considered. 
NJAL not just another label really lives up to its name, layout is very alternative and visual, with designer names that only those in the know may have even possibly once heard of? maybe? ADIEU, AFTERGLOW,SADAK to name a few. Amazing imagery and alternative ways to view through the lookbook option this site is dangerously tempting for the fashion forward trend setting elite! 

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