Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Get fit

are you sure about that?! Well tonight is the night that my housemates and I are going to, GET FIT. Thats right we are taking up team running. A little strange, not fashion related? Oh but it is! Apparently a lot of planning needs to go in to an outfit suitable for running. I am , I have to say , a little perplexed by my housemates choices. Brad usually a man of blazers and skinny jeans – a uniform of black and white– has only gone and purchased (all be it half price) an airtex tee shirt, jogging bottoms (I think thats what you call them?!) and orange streaked running shoes. Alex , went to PRIMARK to buy tee shirts?! I mean I am not, don't get me wrong, adverse to a bit or primarni every now and then buttttt Alex is the man of Burberry, slicked hair and leather shoes, he works in Selfridges for gods sake!  Its just plain wrong! What am I wearing? well I just thought it was going to be normal attire, maybe some heals so I could use them as an excuse and stop running 5 minutes in and go for a drink instead. I'm a bit scared about it all really, I definitely do not do sportswear, I didn't realise different shoes where required to run in? Anyway unfortunately no pictures as of yet but hopefully tonight I can strike with the camera (though I am doubtful they will want to document this event)
Lally x

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