Thursday, 18 November 2010

I can only apolgise for the facial expression I am making in this but I just wanted to highlight this beautiful new poncho purchased on Sunday at the kilo sale. Anyway this deters from what I wanted to write about today I went to the Timney- Fowler exhibition. It was amazing and so 80s but in a great 80s way , you know like kaffe fasset knitwear. The first room was definitely my favourite , its all plastered with wallpaper with roman columns on and there are scarfs on the walls and bits of china in boxes. I think what was best is it really gave a feel for the brand, I hate it when I go to exhibitions and its all very linear , just pictures in frames or whatever , they don't use the space to do anything interesting , so it was nice that they took the space and created something really exciting to walk around but I guess thats what you'd expect from a show on Timney. I loved all clothes as well, it was nice to see this together with the interior stuff as I'd never really seen anything of the clothing, and its amazing , I wanted everything! I think I even prefer it too the interior stuff.
Oh god and Sue was there, I saw her as I was stuffing a green macaroon in to my mouth and no I did not speak to her, definitely wayyy too scared. She looked brilliant though , totally as you'd expect!
Off to try and write essay now as I have spent all day staring at pictures and reading about Tavi (who I'd forgotten but I love) on the net. x
p.s urrrr Ed when are we meeting up?! We need combined adventures..

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