Friday, 24 December 2010

You War-Hor!

Okay so surprise visit from Michael who needs to do some last minute christmas shopping, 'ED i need help, i need cheap fabric' okay east london it is! So we search for hours around looking for the perfect fabric, on the way we manage to pick up a few key items ourselves... a vintage donnie darko esque ring and an go with everything acorn necklace. At this point of finding presents for ourselves we begin to head home. On the way i insist we visit the shop 'SICK' just of brick lane. 

Upon arrival Michael is instantly drawn in by the Chanel jumpers and rare vintage attire. Downstairs we discover a Marylin monroe Andy Warhol screen, covered in dust against the wall, not really for sale... well we had to ask. £80, we think fab for screen and as it is so cool anyway why not, Michael makes a phone call, i ask to see it in detail. As i look at the back of the screen i notice that the ink has bled from the print screen technique. I ask for a discount. A DISCOUNT the woman cried, it would cost more than £80 to restore it. I say why would i restore it, she says, Do you not understand Andy Warhol use to work here, this is an original! I SAY DONE! Michael returns we decide to split it 50/50, this bitch was not happy about is walking away with the one off Warhol, but the manager liked us so we got it, in fact he liked us so much we walked away with a free bottle of wine to toast over our new purchase! FABULOUS! 

Michael and I will share the screen accordingly forever enjoying the fact we may or may not own a original Warhol, not bad for a last minute christmas shop...

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