Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Where do you go out?

Okay it starts of as any normal day, a trip to see the family for a christmas dinner get together. Lovely time, lovely and nice and perfect normal.
 On the coach ride back i get the call that changes this day dramatically. ED! the theme is avant gar-de surgery! The place a fabric shop! The time eleven! It is now 8. I have three hours to whip up a stunning surgical dream outfit, do my hair and face, call Lally, pick up wine, find the location and ACTUALLY GET BACK TO LONDON! Okay, Lally... a dream she is already on her way, bottle of wine in hand. We will meet at mine and work on outfits. Once arriving at the station i ran to the near boots and stocked up on all things medical.... judgement from the cashier included. Okay further genius the location is like 20mins from my flat amaze amaze amaze this night was truly turning out to be a meant to be! I met Lally on the tube we run to the flat and prepare. To my horror Latex gloves would not sew on the machine! drama! THANK THE LORD FOR STAPLES! after almost ending up like a member of the village people we sorted the outfit. Lally was more of challenge.... edging on circus more than surgery we had to make a drastic decision. CLING FILM ofcourse. A few twist and turns later and we fashioned quite a stylish number! All in all we turned out rather well! A bottle of wine later we met with the others and headed out.
Along a regular kebab shop clad highstreet we found Vogue Fabrics the doorway a white glowing sheet. Is this it? is this right. A doctor poked his head round the corner. Are you here for Nancy? No we are dressed like this for jokes! Led in through the shop we are greeted by Matron. Are we on the list, sure of course (we are always on the list). Led down the stairwell, i couldn't help but look back in worry that the last glimpse of normality was slipping away and i was about to enter a medical students wet dream.
A small basement affair, walls black lined with blood clot balloons, hemorrhaging with shiny red decor. No bar but a pharmaceutical counter, a gynecology department, an operating theatre. Each section was reinvented appropriately. Sexy nurses, Surgical disaster's, carry-on doctor's awaited our arrival. Photographer's and arty types aplenty this truly was more of a backdrop than a club. But hey that is exactly what we were doing there!

Besides the music was questionable. Yes it had its highlights of pure genius dance, however the time warp felt a little tacky obvious. An order from the 'bar' later and we were well into the evening. Sheer underground to cool for school glamour indulged and our outfits went down a storm! Being so close to the venue also saved much embarrassment on the way there and the way home. We may have spent at least an hour removing the makeup, hair gel and the cutting of the cling film, very much to Lally's relief! But hey Vanity not Sanity! we will most definitely attend the next event. I mean how many times in life can you go out half naked, have your picture taken, and be home in five minutes without breaking some sort of law...

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