Monday, 27 December 2010


Christmas was a haze of food and baileys, delish and now its time to get back to the real world. SO whats been a happening? well admittedly not an awful lot. However life is about to get  a whole lot more exciting because I just purchased a Holly Fulton for ASOS shirt

YUM! in love. You might cry at the mention of ASOS but Holly Fulton is great, so it was a must have. Her prints are absolutely beautiful, definitely worth a look if you're scratching round for something to do in these horrible inbetween days before new year.

Oh and also for chrissy  I was given the Matthew Williamson book. It is beyond good. The pictures are brilliant and whole book seems to epitomise the brand's aesthetic. My favourite pages are the ones showing clips from his sketchbooks and photos of his travels, they are so packed with interesting things to look at, amazing colour, textures. I am in love !

Images are courtesy of asos (

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