Friday, 3 February 2012

Forget me not

Sending and receiving letters is one of lifes great pleasures. I feel this is an appropriate letter writing ensemble, a gingham smock frock and knitted tights all top off with a chignon ! Today I am dreaming of the seaside and hazy summer days and mountains of pastel coloured icecream yummmeee.
Tim Walker pastel cats.
Icecream in zillions of flavours
Forget me nots 


  1. Oh lalzzzzzz you're collages keep me going!
    Did you happen to receive some post from a certain me this week? X

    1. n'awww!!!!! thank you, they keep me going too haha through the essays and research ! Yes I did ! Thank you so much I can't tell you how much it cheered me up, I have a reply waiting to be sent, I am just so rubbish but I am leaving the house tomorrow for the library so I'll post it to you then ! X X XX

  2. I loved the sweet shrine you submitted to Rookie about your previous homes! The flowers, the twinkly lights and--was that a bowl of berries?!

    Jealous that your mom practices shrine-making. If I were to ever attempt making a shrine in our home/my room, she'd sprinkle holy water on me and make me go take a bath in the ocean with a priest to baptize me.

    Have a beautiful day! (And I agree, sending and receiving letters are one of life's greatest pleasures indeed!)

  3. What tiny slice of your outfit I can see, I love.

  4. Yes! Letters - crisp paper, envelopes, handwritten thoughts. Any letters I receive are hoarded like treasure. And I have a whole box of letters written by my great grandfather to my great grandmother during WW2 to work my way through. Hazy summer days seem SO far away right now...

  5. I'm in love with your pink vichy outfit!
    It's so sad that nobody sends me handwritten letters anymore, so if I get a special text message on the phone I write it down in my diary, but it's not the same thing..I hate modern T9 times..!