Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I got an iphone and therefore am now instagramming my life away. Here are some pictures of the the sub-tropical heat Britain has been having over the last month (+some baklava, a gift from Turkey from my mama!) I am about to move home (closer to Ed, that means tons more impromptu adventures!) so life is a little cray right now. I'm currently taking a break from packing as its like 25 degrees and I seem to have packed all my summer clothing so am destined to wear 501s and weird teeshirts for the next week WAH! My room feels weird and empty so I've spent the last few days in Victoria Park drawing and reading with my bro and pretending  I don't have a dissertation to write! Anyway hope y'all enjoying the sunshine, Lally X p.s if you wanna follow us on instagram I am @lallyloves and Ed is @edfrith

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  1. Lovely photos!!