Friday, 2 March 2012

Blurs of Matthew Miller AW1213

The Matthew Miller show completely caught me off guard. Firstly sitting opposite Amir Kahn at a fashion week show is a shock (however finally a reason to text dad something about fashion week). Looking down at the handout I discover digital links to further inform us of the origins and creations of the garments. Rapidly trying to scan in the digital barcodes I become distracted by the bio. 'STOKE ON TRENT!' I scream at my friend next to me having actually never revealed to her that Stoke is where I am from, not just 'oh somewhere near manchester' . Matthew Miller is from my home city, at which moment the first model walked out. The collection was fascinating. Each piece completely individual, an array of prints evolved from research into various london surfaces, however the collection had such strong coherence. The multicolored suit was my ultimate win. Not only did this collection inspire and excite me, I left with such a strong sense of Pride. A collection and show all about discovery, a true 'treasure map for the modern man'.


  1. ha edward this made me laugh...alot. stoke rules.

  2. Beautiful collection, I like the blue collared sweater.