Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bottle Green.

I have become very attached to this hat over the last week, I purchased it on a rushed trip to the Zara sale. Its a great size big enough to shield my face from the outside world but small enough to allow me through doorways ! The green velvet suit is another new acquisition (you can tell its loan time!) I purchased it from ebay for ten pounds ! It arrived yesterday morning and I put it on straight away. The bottle green shade is perhaps my favourite colour at the moment, it reminds me of secret gardens, the barbican conservatories and my mum when I was small (she wore a lot of green). The scarf I'm wearing belonged to my mum in the '80s she loaned it to me when I was about 16 and then when I moved to London my brother took it on. However, he recently left it at my house so I have claimed it back ! Its slightly more weathered than when I had it, it now bares stains of fake blood from when George dressed as a zombie Lord Byron on Halloween, I still love it though as it reminds me of home !


  1. Very English countryside, dahling.

  2. Fantastic bargains! I've always had a crush on green velvet, maybe because of Scarlett O'Hara,
    is very feminine and glamour!